How we do it

At InBalance Soul, our product line is something very special to us and something we create with healing, peace, and relaxation in mind.  Each product is formulated in small batches to guarantee the highest quality and accuracy. We use natural, minimally processed ingredients and choose organic ingredients wherever possible.  When formulating, we avoid anything that is over-processed, or not COSMOS and EcoCert certified as natural.  This is important to us for a number of reasons.  We see the gift of purity in Mother Earth’s naturally created ingredients that support our bodies, as well as provide nutrients, and healing.  We like how the minerals, vitamins, and other naturally occurring properties are allowed to heal, rebuild, and support the skin and body, from the outside in. These gifts from Mother Nature also provide support to lift, nurture, and align our bodies from the inside out with the healing benefits of carrier oils, infused oils, essential oils, butters, herbs, and other beneficial ingredients.