Sound Bath Meditations

InBalance Soul (with Julie Gruenhagen) is featuring Ben D'Amico with Purefect Balance for Sound Bath Meditations!

Fridays @ 5 PM & Sundays @ 4 PM At The InBalance Soul Wellness Center:  940 Calle Negocio Suite # 210 San Clemente, CA 92673

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Benefits of Sound Bath Meditation

  • Similar to Herbs, & Essential Oils, Sound Bath Meditation is a gentle, natural way to restore self
  • Holistic approach to wellness, health, and peace
  • Mental and Emotional release, improves mood and mental state
  • Lowers stress and decreases anxiety
  • Shown to decrease physical pain, improve heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Improves sleep and mood
  • Decreases tension, improves depression
  • Improves energy levels & brings all bodies back into alignment

Crystal Singing Bowl Master: Ben D’Amico

Ben is the former COO for Crystal Tones: the creators of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. He has over a decade of experience helping people unlock the life changing benefits the bowls have to offer from oncologists in New York City to chiropractors in Japan. His playing style is rare: he showcases the range and beauty of their pure tones while taking you on a rejuvenating journey. Current COO of Purefect Balance, Ben teaches individuals how to integrate the singing bowls into their self care routines in combination with herbal teas for longevity, health, and happiness. Check them out at PurefectBalance.Love.

An empty stomach is best for sound bath meditation to allow for deep breathing and focused meditation. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, a bottle of water, and crystals or other sacred items. 


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